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Landre™ Supply Corporation was founded in April of 1991 for the purpose of manufacturing, marketing, and selling The AccuScreed® System and its component to end-users in the concrete industry and landscaping arena. We continue our growth in concrete and landscaping end-users as well as our distributors by leverage today's multimedia advertising and social networking venues to inform, educate and market our system and components.


LANDRE™ SUPPLY CORPORATION continues to focues on maintaining the highest quality in its products, providing speedy, same-day service on inquiries and sales, as well as outstanding customer satisfaction.



The AccuScreed® patented systems have more than 30 years of successful concrete finishing experience. The concrete contractor can now provide the same AccuScreed® precision in concrete applications other than flatwork, such as when he is pouring structural slabs, over steel or wood decks, over pre-cast concrete, and when resurfacing existing concrete floors.

Our engineeres have improved both the drivers and the yokes since the inception of our company. These improvements streamline application processes enabling the contractors to accurately and efficiently set three different screed locations in the time it takes to set screed in one location using other ineffective methods. Ours Systems have become more versatile and cost effictive than ever before, making Landre™ Supply Corporation a leader in precision elevation screeding.

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March 2, 2015

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Our Screeding systems are tested and proven in real applications where contractors completed the job before the deadline and saved labor costs! More...

March 20, 2015

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