LANDRE™ MegaScreed® Product Applications

The MegaScreed® System has become even more versatile and cost effective than before. MegaScreed® allows one person to quickly and accurately set multiple screed locations and to strike off concrete within very precision tolerances, either by handed or with a light-weight power screed.

MegaScreed® Product Description


Determine the finished elevation of concrete with a laser or string line and position a #4 or #5 rebar stake on the subgrade at the strikeoff point. Place the MegaScreed®Driver over the rebar and strike with a Dead Blow Hammer until the height marker aligns with the laser or string line.

Remove the Driver and place the high strength Yoke over the rebar. The Yoke will maintain the exact position indicated by the height marker. Repeat this procedure as necessary at each screed location. Then set a 1-1/2"ID, 2" OD screed pipe on top of Yokes and you are ready to pour.


MegaScreed® Specially designed for large concrete finishing operations and heavy-duty industrial finishing equipment. MegaScreed® is up to several times faster than conventional methods and offers extraordinary convenience and economy.


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