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Application instruction and a step-by-step overview of our AccuScreed® System are below.


1. Once the finished elevation of concrete has been determined with a laser or string line, position a 12" to 16" length of EMT conduit on the subgrade at the strikeoff point. The length of conduit may vary due to depth of concrete and/or condition and type of subgrade. Sand may require 2' or more.

2. Insert the AccuScreed® Driver into the conduit. Using a soft faced or a Dead Blow Hammer, strike the top of the Driver until the height marker aligns with the laser or string line.

3. Remove the Driver and insert the AccuScreed® Yoke into the conduit. Regardless of the angle of cut or the degree of rotation, the Yoke will maintain the exact position as indicated by the height marker. Repeat this same procedure for each screed location.

4. Set the 1-1/4" ID,1-5/8" OD screed pipe on top of the Yoke and you are ready to pour. The top of the screed pipe will precisely match the strikeoff point! It's simple, fast and convenient!

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