Accuscreed® and Megascreed® Testimonials

Our products provide precision in elevation. Accurately set adjustable screed locations three times faster, than with other conventional screeding methods. We save you time and money!


Mickey Gonzalez, El Paso, TX.— “Before using AccuScreeed we had nother but headaches. Large areas were very time consuming. We had to run a long string line with a level to screed the sand 5’. After we laid the bricks, we had to go over with sand and a vibrator. Now we only use the string line to mark an XY access at the starting point to make it straight for the brick placement. Then we shoot the grade with a surveyor marker as much as 5’ apart. We use the AccuScreed Driver for the smaller areas. AccuScreed has been a God Send! The bricks are nice and straight and we use less sand and go over it with a lawn roller because they are so level! Four or five sides needing pavers are already set!”


Charlie Schiatta, Medford, NY.— “We use to form just like concrete underlayment and then the sand. This was very time consuming. We had too many birdbaths before and not enough sand or were too high. Now we just set height with the Yokes and the pipe and vibrate the sand off of the screed pipe. It is completely flat and there is no guess work. I put brick down, pull or leave the Yokes, and then fill in sand and containue laying brick. Terrific idea! I am able to use AccuScreed on slopes and large patios. I have a 10” span. I put on crushed stone and sand and ever time I go up a height I adjust the nuts.”


Lou Genta, Gladwin, MI.— “The results with MegaScreed are excellent. I have gotten away from wooden stakes altogether. After pavers are compacted, I go back in and sweep and am able to use less sand. The cost is minimal. The labor factor is worth the savings.”


Ryan Stuve, Cadott, WI.—”We do pavers and retaining walls. Before, it had been trial and error to get the grade. Grades are so tough and I need to bring stairways in at a different direction. AccuScreed makes it MUCH EASIER to set different grades. The concrete forms we had used in the retaining base course would rust and were heavy and clunky. With AccuScreed we can set and slide the pipe down as we go! Now we only need to have one 10’ long pipe and it’s easier to store.”


Michael Grothouse, Dayton, OH.— “With AccuScreed, conduit stakes and a string line, it is a lot easier to get a more level base. We do stone and retaining walls and have experienced a quicker time.”


David Hoath, South Bend, IN.— Uses “The AccuScreed System” for setting sand grad for laying bricks in his landscaping business. One application in particular was a large alley they converted to a court. He set the pipe where he wanted the elevation of the brick. He then measured the thickness ofthe brick and subtracted it from the elevation to screed off of. He had long runs and had to maintain a Perfict Pitch and a certain Slope so it would come out exact with the alleys existing drainage. He said, “AccuScreed worked out great!” He does a lot of brick paving.


Jackson Brothers Construction, Galena, Illinois— Paul Jackson owner of Jackson Brothers Construction, Inc. in Galena, Illinois was first introduced to the AccuScreed screed setting method in 1992 at the World of Concrete Expo in Atlanta. In March '92 he purchased his first AccuScreed Kitand has enthusiastically continued using the product ever since.

When asked why he uses the AccuScreed System, Paul responded"it's a big time saver because it has a quicker set-up time." Paul also feels that AccuScreed is "simple and easy to use...especially for new guys!"

Jackson Brothers Construction is the area's largest concrete contractor and that means they emphasis quality workmanship. Paul is impressed with AccuScreed System because it allows his crews to lay a "flatter floor" and deliver a better quality finished product. With AccuScreed, there is no wood in the concrete to absorb ground moisture and cause the concrete to crack.

When asked if the AccuScreed System was worth the investment, Paul responded with an enthusiastic "You bet!" I carry a kit in the truck all the time. It's a real system that works. Once you try it, you'll never go back.
Paul Jackson


Reynolds Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio
— AccuScreed makes life a lot easier for us. It's much more cost effective to use than other screed supports. AccuScreed is excellent for flatwork applications with varying elevations. It has helped us to eliminate additional labor time and the headaches associated with wetscreeding.
Tim Mark


K & K Concrete & Construction, Escanaba, Michigan— Using AccuScreed is the only way to go. It is much faster and easier to use than other methods. It will save your company a lot of time and help ensure you get flat slabs. I use it with a one man vibratory screed and get great results!
Dane Kuusinen


Sherer Construction, Hudson, Indiana— "I have been using AccuScreed exclusively on our dairy and bunker silo applications for the past three years. I have been pouring concrete for over 20 years and AccuScreed is the only thing to use, there is no better way. It allows us to save time and be very accurate; our customers are always pleased with the quality of our work.
Richard Sherer


Stevens Concrete Co., Charlevoix, MichiganWe have used The AccuScreed System since 1994 and are very pleased with the results. We poured a 2100 Sq. Ft. slab and saved a good one man hour by using AccuScreed. We had sand under the concrete with 6" minimum heavy clay under the sand. On a scale of 1-100, AccuScreed's performance is 90 if 100 is best. I have purchased your new MegaScreed to use with rebar as well. Your products work great!
Rod Stevens


Coastal Concrete
Panama City, Florida
— Our job specifications have to comply with on grade "S" Slump. We normally pour around 6000 Sq Ft, light commercial. Our soil condition is soft sand. We save about $50.00 in labor by using AccuScreed.
Kip Hudson


Richard Schwartz Inc.
Glendive, Montana
— "I have two complete sets, AccuScreedand MegaScreed. When all four crews are working, they actually argue with each other for the Kits. We have used these for years on metal decks, for overlays, and on compacted fill."
Richard Schwartz


ECI Construction, Wadesville, Indiana— "My last pour was a 20,000 sq ft heavy commercial slab-on-grade. Even though it was standard specifications, I appreciated AccuScreed because it gives a more accurate job. On a scale of 1-100, I rate the performance of AccuScreed 100%. I also recommend it to other Contractors."
Mike Tuley


Adams Concrete & Construction
Chapin, Iowa—
"My last two jobs I used AccuScreed on involved slab-on-grade and a steel deck. I have no more than 1/4" deflection in 10'. I recommend AccuScreed to other Contractors."
Larry Adams

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