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Our products provide precision in elevation.

INCREASE SPEED & EFFICIENCY | One person can set several locations in the same time it takes to set screed using other methods of screed setting. In any type of subgrade, our systems set in seconds, not minutes.

IMPROVE ACCURACY | Our systems are the inexpensive solutions to the SUPERFLAT requirements of today’s market. Our systems produce results which surpass the ASTM standard of 1/8” deviation in 10ft become the norm instead of the exception.

GIVES A BETTER FINISH | Because our products allow a faster and much flatter lay down, you will achieve better finishes without pockets caused by stake removal or high spots common from wet screeding. EXAMPLE: A 2,600 sq. ft. floor was poured using AccuScreed® with a total deviation of the pour at 3/64”.

TESTED & PROVEN | This patented device has been developed and proven by a concrete contractor with more than 30 years of successful concrete finishing experience. Our systems pay for themselves after just one use and improve your bottom line.


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March 2, 2015

Save time and Money!

Our Screeding systems are tested and proven in real applications where contractors completed the job before the deadline and saved labor costs! More...

March 20, 2015

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LANDRE™ now offers New Kits sizes to fit your project needs.

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